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What kind of services do we offer?

Discreet Investigations is a private investigator agency in Las Vegas, NV. that specializes in Infidelity Investigations, cheating wives, husbands, and spouses.

We offer a wide range of investigative services that can help you make the right decisions regarding your personal life and relationships. Our services are discreet and our results are reliable so you’re always working on good information. Here’s a brief introduction to some of our private investigator services in Las Vegas:

  • Infidelity Investigations – No one wants to believe that their partner is cheating on them. Most of our clients spend several months with uncertainty and anxiety, which can have an impact on the relationship. It’s better to get the matter out of the way by investigating it thoroughly. We can look for evidence of cheating husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends and provide an honest report to you.
  • Domestic Investigations – We don’t just conduct investigations regarding infidelity, but also other personal matters. For example, if you’ve just separated from your partner, you might need some information to make the best child custody, child support, and alimony arrangements. We will find information that will help your case and ensure your children get the best possible support. We also handle investigations into run-away children. Authorities often don’t spend enough time and resources to investigate run-away children cases. We can help trace the children’s whereabouts and do our best to bring them back home.
  • Locates – Locating missing persons has become a lot more complicated and a lot more effective. We have modern technology at our disposal now and that has increased the likelihood of success. We have a better chance of tracing a person’s movements and finding them today than we had a few years and decades ago. We can also help locate birth parents, separated siblings, and lost love ones. Our goal is to safely locate missing persons and reunite them with loved ones.
  • Background Checks – Sometimes you need to be more careful about who you let into your life. Many people have been fooled and scammed by people who claimed to love or support them. If you people that someone in your personal or professional sphere isn’t entirely trustworthy, you can hire us to investigate their background. This will help you understand your partner better and ensure you make the right decision regarding your personal or professional relationship with them.

Why choose us for the job?

There are a number of private investigators in Las Vegas so why should you choose us for the job? Here are some characteristics that make us stand out in the industry:

  • Diverse team – We have a team of male and female private investigators with ample experience with the fast-paced life of Las Vegas. They can keep up with the 24/7 lifestyle of the city and know how to avoid being lost in the crowd.
  • Clear Evidence – All our investigators work hard to obtain clear evidence that can’t be easily disputed. They’re all equipped with high-tech cameras and video equipment so you won’t have to work with weak evidence.
  • All contact is confidential – All contact between you and the investigator is confidential. Our team will understand and respect your privacy so all information we collect is kept secure and handed over to you discreetly.
  • Clear and honest advice – We’re very straightforward in our approach to the clients. We’ll offer honest and unbiased advice and reports on the evidence and the activities of the person being investigated. You can trust us to be on your side and to be discreet.

What Private Investigations in Las Vegas Entail

How do we work?

  • We’ll meet with you and take time to understand all your concerns regarding the person investigated.
  • We’ll form a plan based on the information you provide and work hard to ensure the person being investigated isn’t aware of our movements.
  • Our experts will provide regular reports and updates to ensure you’re aware of what’s going on.
  • Once the investigation is complete, we’ll provide a full report to you so you can decide what steps you need to take down the line.
  • You can also contact us if you want our investigators to dig deeper and get more information on the case.

If you want to have someone investigated, don’t hesitate to contact us and explain your situation freely. Our Las Vegas private investigator team is supportive, friendly, professional, and skilled. They won’t judge you for your concern and offer an honest answer to all the questions you ask. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Private Investigations in Las Vegas – Common Questions

The cost of hiring a private investigator in Las Vegas can vary depending on the complexity and duration of the investigation, as well as any additional expenses such as travel, surveillance equipment, and report preparation. Some investigators may offer flat rates for specific services like background checks or locating individuals, while others charge by the hour. We charge from $85 to $150 per hour for cheating spouse investigations.

Keep in mind that our initial consultations are free, so you can inquire about the scope of work without having to commit anything.

Yes, a civilian can hire a private investigator. Private investigators are licensed to provide services to individuals, businesses, and attorneys, and can assist with a variety of cases, including infidelity investigations, background checks, missing person searches, and legal support. It is essential to hire a licensed and reputable investigator to ensure the investigation is conducted legally and ethically. We at Discreet Investigations are fully licensed in Las Vegas and have a decades-long record of ethical and legally-sound investigations.

Hiring a private investigator in Las Vegas is legal, provided the investigator is licensed and adheres to state and federal laws. However, if the investigator engages in illegal activities, such as trespassing, wiretapping, or harassment, both the investigator and the client could face legal consequences. Discreet Investigations is 100% committed to staying on the right side of the law, to avoid jeopardizing ourselves, our clients and any legal proceedings they may be involved in, such as divorces or other legal disputes.

Private investigators and police serve different roles. Police handle criminal investigations, public safety, and law enforcement. Private investigators focus on private matters, such as infidelity, background checks, and civil investigations. PIs may offer more personalized and discreet services, with flexibility and time dedicated to specific cases. However, we lack the authority of law enforcement and cannot make arrests or execute search warrants.

Hiring us to follow your spouse or partner is legal. While there are some unlicensed or unethical investigators who may be willing to bend the law, we are a reputable agency and always ensure our investigators use legal methods and respect all privacy laws.

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