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Computer Forensics Investigator Las Vegas

Looking for a computer forensics investigator Las Vegas to help recover lost data? Want to check those old cell phones for lost data? Interested in seeing what your spouse is doing on their phone or tablet? Has your spouse told you that you can go through their phone but don’t take too long? Discreet Investigations has you covered. We work with the latest technology to recover cell phone data that has been deleted or has a pass code on it. Deleted doesn’t mean it gone forever. So, if you have a pile of old cell phones that you’d like to check, we can help. Have a GPS that is inside your spouse’s car? We have all the technology. Yes, we can take the information from many dash mounted GPS tracking devices.

Forensics Investigator for Computers

Computer forensics investigator Las Vegas, Discreet Investigations can do so much more with technology than we could only a few years ago. Everyone is tracked by devices these days. There are cameras literally everywhere. After all, this is Las Vegas. But, this is the case people all over the country. And, we do work with people all over the country that is looking for computer forensics Investigator Las Vegas services. It’s pretty simple. Give us a call and explain what you’d like done, the make and model are often helpful of the device as well. There is a certain device that computer forensics investigator Las Vegas works well with and others present more challenges. We can offer up a quote. If you agree to the quote, you can mail us your device. For the locals, we set up a place to meet.

How will I get the information?

The extract information will be burnt to a disk or thumb drive. If you are computer savvy we may use a service such as Dropbox as well. Some phones and devices have 1000’s of images on them. In this case, it only makes sense to either use an online source or burn them. As they will not e-mail. These reports will hold up in court and can be submitted to the law. We only work within the boundaries of the law. And, our equipment is approved for such work. If you think you have a cheating spouse, we can help. We also work with individuals who are simply trying to recover important data that could have been accidentally deleted or lost. Things happen and that’s why Discreet Investigations offers our computer forensics investigator Las Vegas services. We want to help in any way we can.

What will be in your computer forensics investigator Las Vegas reports? Discreet Investigations in Las Vegas will compile of all items on what was found on the device. The report will be presented in a very easy to read format in plain English. Many times the report will have identifying information of whom that person was talking to and sometimes with date and time. This is vital information that can be used in court circumstances. You will see any text, e-mail., chats and anything else that we are able to recover. Find out what your spouse has been doing. Check up on your significant other. And, get the answers you deserve from Discreet Investigations, a team of computer forensics investigators in Las Vegas.