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Female Private Investigators Las Vegas

Some of our clients cases require or prefer a female private investigator in Las Vegas. Women seem to have the ability to blend in and have an easier time extracting information from witnesses. At Discreet Investigations, we have a team of male and female investigators so we understand the strengths and weaknesses of both. We believe that women have a better chance of success in some situations while men have a better chance of unearthing information in others. We’ve also noticed that some clients are more comfortable with women investigating their case.

What can you expect from our female investigators?

They are detail-oriented and will investigate all cases thorough in order to provide the most accurate reports to their clients. Here’s what you can expect from our private investigator:

  • Arranging for the first consultation – You can mention you would prefer a female investigator when you call us for the appointment. If you’re uncertain, you can visit us and speak with different people on our investigation team to determine who the right expert for the job is. You can change investigators if you’re dissatisfied with one of our investigators.
  • Consultation – The next step is to discuss the case with our private investigator. She’ll ask you a series of questions regarding your concern in order to get more information about the case. You can use this time to ask her questions about her investigation process and her past projects. That will give you a good idea of what you can expect.
  • Reports – The investigator will send you regular reports discreetly and securely. You can also have regular meetings with her to actively discuss the case and the progress in the investigations.
  • Evidence – We aim to provide clear and indisputable evidence to all our clients. Our female investigator will take careful photographs, video, and audio clips of any evidence or suspicious activities. This will help you in the future when you deal with the results of the investigation.

Our private investigators are perfectly willing to double check and verify information when something new comes to light. For example, if the person being investigated says or does something during the investigation process that will have an impact on the results, the private investigators will take the new information into account and alter their process accordingly. Our female investigators are very thorough and meticulous.

What makes our female private investigators stand out?

We have a number of qualified and hardworking investigators in our team. They focus on getting the most accurate information and protecting the client’s interest. Our female investigators are highly skilled and professional. Here are some characteristics that make them stand out:

  • Training and skill – All of our female private investigators know the Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City areas well. They go through our extensive training process and have access to a multitude of tools and information.
  • Ability to keep up – Our investigators are accustomed to the fast paced lifestyle of Las Vegas and they have the ability to keep an eye on the situation carefully. Our female investigators are experts on late night surveillance, speaking with a number of witnesses, visiting different locations to track the person’s movements easily. As you can see, you get the full service.
  • Friendly and professional – Our female private investigators are friendly and professional. They’ll offer unbiased and straightforward advice on the case and provide clear reports on their investigation. They’ll also act as a sounding board for you so you can work with them to determine what you should do with the evidence provided to you.
  • All kinds of investigations – Our female investigators work on a wide array of investigations. They are trained in infidelity, both male and female cheating cases, skip trace investigations, missing person cases, etc. They have ample experience with all kinds of investigations and will deliver accurate results.

If you need assistance of a private investigator Las Vegas and would prefer the expert to be a woman, don’t hesitate to give us at Discreet Investigations a call. We’ll make sure your investigation is carried out thoroughly and you get accurate reports. You can rely on our female private investigators to do a great job.